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This is the INITIAL competency assessment to obtain the RBT credential. It is presented via Zoom online with a qualified assessor. The client is provided by the assessor. Once purchased, the customer will receive an email to schedule a day and time based on availability of the assessor. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive your booking email. Session availability is subject to client & assessor availability. We cannot guarantee immediate availability. 


IMPORTANT: The customer will provide proof of the 40 hour coursework certificate & background check/fingerprints PRIOR to setting up the assessment appointments. The 40 hour coursework certificate must be completed in no less than 5 days and no more than 180 days. 


BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIREMENT: The assessor will attest to proof of background checks deemed acceptable based on the customer's state requirements. All background checks must state proof of fingerprint collection. 

*Online background checks will not be accepted. 

*Please note that any background checks & fingerprinting that return with a history of criminal activity/conviction (e.g., felony, misdemeanor) will be rejected for attestation. No refund will be administered. 

*If the customer can only get a state background check and not get fingerprinted because only employers can authorize it, then the customer will be required to get a background check from a vendor CEGA recommends. 


RBT Initial Competency Assessment (LIVE Online)

  • The purchase of a competency assessment  is non-refundable. Once payment is received, the customer will be sent an email requesting proof of the 40 hour coursework certificate. Once it is received, scheduling options will be sent to the custormer. 

  • CEGA Behavioral Health is not affiliated with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). CEGA Behavioral Health does not guarantee the customer will pass the competency assessment. In the event the customer fails the assessment, they will be provided with feedback and will be allowed to repeat the competency assessment for a second time within 10 days of failure for a fee of $35. After 10 days, the competency assessment will need to be re-purchased for the full amount. 

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